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Magna Link

Magna Link

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The MAGNA LINK is an excellent choice for individuals who appreciate a subtle yet luxurious appearance for their Apple Watch Ultra. 

The link is meticulously crafted from a high-quality titanium alloy, specifically consisting of 98.9% titanium. This alloy ensures durability, lightweight comfort, and a premium look and feel. The use of titanium also means it can effectively match the color and finish of your Apple Watch Ultra.

The link features a bespoke magnetic clasp design. This type of clasp is not only secure but also offers the convenience of easy removal and attachment. It ensures that your Apple Watch Ultra stays firmly in place while also allowing for effortless wear and removal.

You can easily add or remove links, ensuring that the link fits comfortably and securely. No tools are required!

Overall, the MAGNA LINK bracelet offers a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enhance the look and usability of their Apple Watch Ultra with a touch of understated luxury.


42 / 44 / 45 / 49mm fits wrist 125 - 195mm

38 / 40 / 41mm fits wrist 125 - 195mm

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With the MAGNA LINK, upgrade your look instantly. Experience a hybrid, first-of-its-kind, magnetic locking mechanism - you'll rediscover your Apple Watch like never before.

Magna link


Our Magna Extension Link is specifically for those with larger wrists, offering a looser fit and ensuring a secure and comfortable wearing experience.

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  • Easy Adjustment

    No tools needed. Super secure yet easily adjustable links to get that perfect fit, every single time.

  • A Perfect Match

    Kitted out with 4 exclusive colors, get that perfect match and retroactively compatible with previous versions.

  • Less is More

    Deliberate and thoughtfully designed to marry perfectly with the orange accents of the Ultra.

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